Monday 15 November 2010

Video Blog from Los Angeles (PokerStars NAPT LA)

Video blog from LA:

A look inside the goodybag given to PokerStars qualifiers for NAPT events.

Pokernews pic.


  1. Lolz, you look mildly surprised & maybe slightly repulsed by something in that photo. Cool hoodie though.

  2. LOL @ TV in the corner

    Sounds like you're a bit of a lightweight for a Scotsman :)

    Was routing for Senti in the ME, he seemed like a cool dude. Sick brag imo.

    Sigh @ tournament, gl with Pokercast interview though man!

  3. LOL at the room, must be the "new boy on the team" treatment!!!

    did they not sell "buckfast" in the bar!! isnt that the scottish tipple for getting completely rat arsed!!

  4. There was a 52" plasma in your room but I struck again....BWAH-HA-HA! Now it's sitting in the trailer and I left my 19" piece of crap there for you Dale....ENJOY!

    Coach Travis