Sunday 8 May 2011

Supernova's Night Out in Bangkok, Thailand

Supernova VIP players at PokerStars have such a tough life. For example they must worry about what they should spend the enormous number of frequent player points that they accumulate on. Should they regularly buy $4000 cash credits, or save up a little while to buy entry into an EPT main event, or even save up a bit longer and buy a brand new Porsche? These are difficult decisions. Like Biggie Smalls didn't say: "Mo' FPPs, mo' problems".

PokerStars wanted to make life a little easier for their Supernova and Supernova Elite players, by treating them to a night out in Bangkok, Thailand, hosted by Official Best Poker Blogger In The World™ and Team Online Superstar - Daleroxxu.

I hired the VIP room at my local pool club in the late afternoon, for anyone that wanted to start the night early. After playing pool in so many bars back in the UK and never once having a table that wasn't FUBAR'ed, it feels like a real luxury to play on a professional standard table. The sick sound system, sofas and girls running around racking up the balls and bringing us food and drink were very nice also.

ChoboPokeR_r and WrongButton, a German and an Englishman, who have lived in Thailand for a couple of years showed up to the pool hall and we played some doubles. With one of the girls who works there playing as my partner these guys didn't even stand a chance :)

Since pool is too much of a skill game, and they didn't stand a chance, they challenged me to bowling. Off we went to Siam Paragon which has extremely nice and brand new bowling lanes. We ordered a bottle of Scotch, which is exactly what should be drank when in the presence of Scotland's most famous and best poker player, and had a fun couple of games.

I did happen to finish last in both of the games, which I attribute to bad variance. The guys thought my technique could use a little work, but I disagree.

We then went to dinner at one of the best French cuisine restaurants in Asia, 'The Reflexions', at the Plaza Athénée hotel. This restaurant would class as super luxurious in London or New York, so by Thai standards it's absurdly extravagant. The cost of a food and drink, per person, ended up being more than an average Thai person's monthly salary.

There were 7 of us there for dinner, including bigbadray2k and azn_baller3, who is very much Asian and very much a baller. At our table there were 6 different nationalities: Scottish, English, German, American, Australian and of course azn_baller3 representing the Thais. There is a large community of professional poker players in Thailand, who come here form all over the world, to stay in a sick house and live like kings.

The food was beyond delicious, and this would easily rank as one of my top 5 meals in my entire life. I had the 'Foie gras terrine, stuffed cherry with shallot compote' and 'Creamy lobster bisque soup with medaillon, fresh milk emulsion' to start with, followed by a delicious 'Honey peppered glazed Challans duck breast, roasted turnip in foie gras fat, poached fig in red wine and duck jus'.

Of course the portions aren't exactly large, so even though it was 11pm already and everyone was really keen to go on to a night club, I managed to convince everyone to stay for some delicious desserts. I had an apple pie with ice cream which was like no apple pie with ice cream I've ever had before, truly out of this world.


I loved the food at The Reflexions, although the other VIPs were more interested in ordering expensive bottles of wine, with everyone toasting "To PokerStars" after each bottle was poured.

With everyone well fed and merry, we headed on over to an up-market nightclub. The venue was excellent, with some great live music - that wasn't too loud that we couldn't talk, lots of space, and hot girls everywhere.

All the Supernova and Supernova Elite VIPs that attended the 'sick night in Thailand' asked me to pass this message on. "Thanks PokerStars!".

And the girls asked me to pass this message on. "Thanks PokerStars!".

So, yeah, thanks PokerStars, we all had a blast! ;-)


  1. Shit i missed some fun,the pictures look fantastic.Hope you do a event like this again one day.The invitation was a bit short.Was not in the mood too stuck in a rush hour in Bangkok :}
    You guys didn't went to the Lumpini Boxing?
    Cheers Niedman

  2. Niedman,

    Sorry for the late notice, I wanted to have the night out before SCOOP started.

    Most people wanted to come out later in the night so we decided to skip the boxing, and the few us that where there at that time went bowling instead.

    I really hope that you can come next time, in fact I really hope that there is a next time =)

  3. Next time im there for sure,if you plan to stay a bit longer after the Scoop you will be always welcome to join me in a fun night in Pattaya :]
    Also the other guys are welcome will be nice to meet some other players from Thailand.
    Good Luck for the Scoop.
    Cheers Niedman

  4. lmao @ u LOBBING the balls surprised u weren't booted out

  5. and those "women" with u totally look like men lol

  6. don't worry, those girls were given a thorough inspection.

  7. gj mr roxxu! alsways nice to read ur TR.
    u will join germany/berlin? if yes gimme a call ;) (ihasreads on skype)

    ps.: niedman u nit :P

  8. Just read this on the PokerStars blog.

    Sounds like a sick night, girls is hot yo.

    Hope you're feeling better re: food poisoning mate.

    Sorry for my twitter hassle :)

  9. Great post!

    What was the name of the Club we an see in the Vid?