Thursday 18 November 2010

Last Night in Los Angeles

Last night in LA


  1. LOL @ "it's getting dark so I'm gonna GTFO!"

  2. do you mind adding my blog to your list

    vblogs great as ever

  3. Are you trying to hide from me you Numpty?!!?! Been waiting to play you....let's set this thing up! The boys on the Geeks on Poker radio show challenged me that if I lost to you I had to play in the Kentucky Poker Championship wearing a kilt. I took that prop bet and told them to GTFO cause the coach won't lose! Drop me a line at and let me know when you are ready to play or are you too jet lagged to play this old Teuchter?!?! That's right, the Coach has been studying Scotland to get ready for our match!

    Coach Travis