Friday 4 March 2011

Hong Kong Trip Report

I had been getting used to the cheapness of Vietnam and Thailand in recent weeks, so it was a bit of a shock to the system when I couldn't find a decent hotel room in Hong Kong for under USD$170. Since I was only staying there a few nights and I had the mug Amatay paying for half of my hotel rooms, it was fine though. I ended up booking us a nice room at The Luxe Manor on Kimberly road which describes itself as "A luxurious, high-tech and european Kowloon boutique hotel".

The beds were super comfy, breakfast buffet was awesome and the internet was the fastest I've ever used in my life. Nuff said!

On our first day in Hong Kong I was dragged to the Space Museum by Amatay. It turned out to be awful, and for kids. I wouldn't have even enjoyed it if I was a kid, it was like one of those boring excursions that we'd be forced to go on by the school. I had more fun checking out the cool lanterns that were outside.

At night we checked out the famous 'Ladies Market' which is a late night market selling a load of old shit. Don't let the name fool you, they don't just sell shit for ladies, they sell shit for everyone, and everything they sell is shit! I more enjoyed the real shops on the streets surrounding it, which also seemed to be open super late. Around 10pm and there's still a bunch of people out buying clothes and stuff. Makes you realise how much the UK sucks, when they close every store at 6pm.

We then hit the bars in Lan Kwai Fong, as recommended by my friend Bryan Huang. It was an area with tons of small bars and people drinking on the street. I didn't enjoy it much because everywhere was so busy and cramped, you couldn't move. I like having some space, but unfortunately there isn't much of that in Hong Kong. Just as we were about to leave the area, some retard opened a bottle of beer against the side of a wall and it all sprayed on my jacket, I was steaming mad but the clown just disappeared into the crowd. FML!

Hong Kong is an extremely densely packed city, but it is much more cleaner than other big cities in Asia. There isn't the filth and beggars on every street like in Bangkok. On our first day in Hong Kong we had walked around for a while without getting hassled.

So many places I've been this year there's scumbags who hassle the tourists on the street. Then we turned the corner into Nathan Road, when some Indian guy approached me and asked me if I wanted to buy a watch. WTF? Myself and Amatay laughed, because it seemed so random, why the hell would I want to buy a watch from some guy on the street? I said "It's almost as stupid as those guys trying to sell us suits in Thailand when it's about 40 degrees C". I had barely finished my sentence when another Indian guy asked me if I wanted to buy a suit, hahaha, FUCKKKKKKKKKK OFFFFFFFFFFFFF!!!!!

Nothing pisses me off more than being hassled when I walk down the street. Leave me alone you fuckers, I don't want or need what you have to offer so just do one and GTFO.

Unfortunately these clowns selling fake Rolex's and cheap suits are everywhere. None of them are Chinese, they all look Indian, and there's a whole fucking army of them, everywhere! I've watched them (no pun intended) and they will stand on the street waiting, not hassling a single Chinese person, but when one white person walks by they are around him like flies around shit. Leave people alone you scumbags!

The next couple of days in Hong Kong we spent our sightseeing time on the Big Bus Tour. It's a bunch of open top buses, that go on 3 different routes around Hong Kong, and you can hop on / hop off. It seemed like a decent way to see a lot of Hong Kong in a short amount of time. I wasn't that impressed though, there just didn't seem to be much to see, just a bunch of big buildings EVERYWHERE.

One of the stops on the bus tour was Aberdeen Harbour where we could do a little ride on a traditional Chinese Sampan boat. It looked terrible but the Amatay thought it looked awesome, so we went and did it. It was terrible! This little boat just minced around the harbour at 0.1mph for 30 minutes, then we had to stand there in the middle of nowhere for another 30 minutes waiting for the next bus. After this and that bloody Space Museum the fish Amatay got to make no more decisions about our itinerary!

A much better decision, by yours truly, was to take a trip up Victoria Peak on the trams. The peak gives the best views in the whole of Hong Kong. Unfortunately there was a lot of cloud, so the views were not so awesome, but it was a lot more fun than the stupid sampan boat.

On our last night we checked out the Golden Arcade, a huge complex famous for selling computer products at the cheapest prices, and the Goldfish Market, where fish and amphibians are kept (in terrible conditions) and sold. Every shop banned photography but undercover journalist Daleroxxu was there with his HTC Desire Z phone shooting a few videos.

We also watched 'A Symphony of Lights', the world's largest permanent sound and light show. I was well impressed, it was easily the highlight of Hong Kong for me.

Next stop, Macau for the PokerStars Macau Cup.

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