Tuesday 25 January 2011

Singapore Trip Report

After taking the first class bus from Malaysia, the immigration point at Singapore took 5 minutes, nice and easy. No sooner had I passed through into Singapore than it started raining very heavily. It barely stopped raining the whole time I was in Singapore unfortunately :(

I checked into a cool little boutique hotel, kinda expensive and small, but otherwise excellent. I was unpacking my suitcase when I got a phone call from Team PokerStars Asia Pro and Asian Player of the Year - Bryan Huang, who invited me out. He was good enough to take me on a tour around Singapore with his beautiful wife Summer and his mother in law who had also just arrived in Singapore. It was a great way to see a lot of Singapore and learn about it's history and culture in a short period of time.

What I find interesting about Singapore is how many different and diverse cultures live there, and live side by side happily. A good example of this I saw was a huge Islamic mosque, that is right next to the oldest Hindu temple in Singapore, Sri Mariamman Temple, where people go to pray that they don't get diseases or to be cured. We stopped there and had a look inside:

We then went for dinner with Bryan's mother, father and brother at Jumbo Seafood. Pretty much everything I ate there I had never tried before. When the chopsticks were handed out Bryan looked at me and laughed "don't worry, we'll get you a fork and spoon. I kept asking "what is this?", "what do I do?", "which parts do I eat?". Bryan's wife Summer was laughing and said I was like an alien who had just landed on earth hahaha.

So that was a great day, thank you very much to Bryan for his hospitality. Unfortunately for the next few days there were constant huge storms so I couldn't do anything outdoors at all. A lot of the stuff I had planned to do, like a walking tour, I just had to forget about. Struggling for indoor stuff to do I took a trip to the Singapore Art Museum.

On my last night in Singapore Bryan put me in touch with his friend Hansel who took me out to a club with his friends, which was awesome. Or at least I think it was awesome, because I have almost ZERO recollection of what happened that night.

I hadn't eaten much for 3 days, we got bottle service and I stared drinking Vodka straight. I remember that much. The rest of the night is a total blur. The next day I found a ton of photos on my phone, and just flicking through them laughing hahaha.

I've no idea how I even got back to my hotel or anything that night, or how I even knew which hotel I was staying at or street or anything. It was 3pm the next day before I was conscious, and I was supposed to have checked out at mid-day. So I ended up having to pay the hotel an extra $100 to check out late. Luckily my flight to Australia wasn't until night time.

And off I went, to Melbourne, Australia, to play the 2011 Aussie Millions poker festival.

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