Tuesday, 25 September 2012


I decided to remove all of my previous YouTube vlogs. I want to go in a different direction in the near future by making vlogs as myself, rather than acting out a character / acting the fool and I think it's best to start with a clean slate. So the old vlogs can GTFO.

The vlogs that I made in the past were a great gimmick for building an audience, and I had a lot of fun making them, so I have no regrets at all. I think if you want to stand out you really have to do something edgy and force people to have an opinion of you, even if that means you have to deal with a few haters, or in my case, mostly people that didn't "get it".

Hopefully the vlogs I make in the future will still be entertaining and my YouTube subscribers won't desert me.


I had to do a quick trip to the Cambodian border and back a couple of days ago because I don't have a visa right now. It's a pain in my ass doing border runs but getting a tourist visa to stay longer is a lot of hassle in itself - with the time and expensive of going overseas for a few days to get it.

I do the border runs with an agent who took care of everything so it was a simple process. We left Bangkok at 5am in a "vip" bus and reached the Cambodian border before 8:30am.

An hour into the trip we stopped at a petrol station and I couldn't believe my eyes when the driver got out and immediately lit up a fag. A real Darwin Award contender right there. When I tweeted that at the time I got a lot of funny responses from Americans. I had to post a follow up tweet to clarify that the driver had ignited a cigarette, and not in fact set a gay man on fire.

At the border we passed through Thai exit immigration and then waited inside one of the many casino resorts in the "no man's land" that exists between the Thai and Cambodia immigration points.

We didn't actually have to go into Cambodia. The agent took our passports through the Cambodia entrance immigration and back through exit immigration. They just bribe the immigration officers to process a whole stack of passports rather than have us all go through the hassle ourselves. Easy game.

At the casino we were treated to a buffet breakfast and there were lots of arcade machines like House of the Dead 3 and Virtua Cop 3 so that saved me from chunking it off on table games.

We got back to Bangkok for 2pm so I still had half the day remaining to use productively by grinding some PLO on Stars.


WCOOP is now over and since my last blog I played 3 more events.

WCOOP-37, $530 Fixed Limit Omaha Hi/Lo: Despite limited experience of FLO8 I feel like I played well in this event.

I was sat at the same table as Vanessa Selbst who people keep confusing me for or telling me that I look like when I'm playing on stars.

See, we look nothing alike!

Boom Player - KK65s in the Big Blind: This was an annoying hand where I flopped top set out of position with two low cards on the flop. Although I got what I wanted by flopping the nuts, half the deck is terrible for my hand, and perhaps shows why it's not great to call with such a hand preflop in O8.

Any club is likely to make one of my three opponents a flush. Any 7 or 8 puts a low on board meaning I can only win half the pot. And any A,3,4 or 6 puts a low on board and a possible straight.

I decided to check-call the flop rather than bloat the pot out of position, multi-way, when so many turn cards are terrible for me. I'd rather check-raise the turn on a good card, for double the bet size, with 50% less cards to come.

When the club turns the only play is to check-call. If it was a low club then it would be an extremely close call probably getting exactly direct pot odds to draw to the board pairing for half the pot.

Unimproved on the river and getting 11:1 odds to call. Given the action I don't think my hand is good that often.

Boom Player - AA77s in the Small Blind: Successfully value bet turn and river with AA on a JJxTT board. Looked up by deuces.

Boom Player - A762ds in the Cutoff. - Big double up. Skilfully scooped the pot by mashing the bet/raise button on every street. :) Got called down by a 7 low and an overpair obv.

I ended up busting the tourney before the money after not playing a pot for a few rounds and then losing a couple of "small" pots. The blinds had gone up to the point where the average stack was only 10 "big bets", so losing a couple of pots where only 2 bets had gone in postflop was enough to cripple most players.

I'm still no fan of limit poker!

WCOOP-53, $320 Pot Limit Omaha Hi/Lo: I had to late register for this one. It started at 1am Thai time and I managed to get my ass out of bed at 3am for it. WCOOP structures give a lot of play in the early levels so even with 2 hours missed I went in with 50 big blinds, which is a very playable stack.

Unfortunately I never got much over the starting stack. I did try very hard, but kept chopping pot after pot after pot.

Boom Player - A532s in the Cutoff: Chop.

Boom Player - KK54s in the Big Blind: Almost won a pot. Villain tank-called my river bet with the second nut low. Chop!

I really shouldn't have been moaning so much about chopping so much, because from then on I started getting quartered.

Boom Player - AAQ3s in the Hijack: Got it in vs AA52 and got quartered, yuck.

Boom Player - AKQ3s in the Cutoff: Got it in vs AK73 and got quartered, YUCK!

What a frustrating game. I got my last 4 big blinds in against iMsoLucky0 and lost with AQ75s < AKQ7s. And that was that.

WCOOP-59, $215 No Limit Omaha Hi/Lo: This one started at 4am Thai time and I set the alarm on my phone so that I'd wake up to play it from the start. Somehow my phone switched itself off during the night and I woke up around 6:15am. Still, with 50BBs, registering that late isn't terrible.

If the pot limit O8 event from a couple of nights earlier was all about getting chopped and quartered, then this one was all about scooping, as I ran my short starting stack up well in the beginning.

Boom Player - KK52ds in the Big Blind: I 3-bet shipped KK52 double suited over a middle position raise for 25BBs. Villain's open raise percentage was higher than average so I think this should be a profitable shove.

Boom Player - A632ds in the Cutoff: Scoop!

Boom Player - AK94ds in the Big Blind: Alex Kravchenko 3x opened from the small blind and I shoved for 32BBs. He tank called with AQ83ds, correctly as he had 53% equity against my hand, but I sucked out I guess.

But that was the end of my rungood.

Boom Player - A732s Under The Gun: This hand was just horrible. I expected Kravchenko to just ship it preflop, which would allow me to isolate. After flopping the nut low I was just going to lead out flop, turn and river. Obviously I got owned and quartered.

I busted in 130th, when 117 places paid. This was my bustout hand:

Boom Player - A974ds in the Hijack: I shoved A974ds from the hijack and got snapped called from the cutoff. I knew right away what I was up against. No suckouts, gg. I think it was a decent shove. With an M of around 5, the blinds going up, and players not busting very quickly near the bubble, I think I needed to take that opportunity to steal the blinds and antes to maintain a stack that had fold equity.

So that was my WCOOP. Played 6 events and cashed 1. Not great but could have been worse.

The WCOOP Main Event was won for a cool million by 'maratik', a Russian player that normally plays $1.50 SNGs. He qualified for the event for only 100 FPPs. Insane!

No doubt he didn't realise that he could have unregistered and gotten $5200 in tourney dollars. Which I imagine was many times greater than his bankroll. Lucky for him he played the event and won the whole damn thing!

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