Saturday, 1 October 2011

Buddha Jumps Over The Wall

In just one weeks time I will be paying my third visit to Macau this year to play a bunch of events at the Macau Poker Cup Championship.

It is held between October 7th - 16th at the PokerStars Macau cardroom in the Grand Lisboa casino and includes 10 events.

I'm planning to play 6 events, including the Main Event. But hopefully less, because that will mean I've went deep in some of them :-)

To get myself in the Chinese mood I decided to pay a visit this afternoon to Ping's Shark's Fin in Bangkok, which is a famous upmarket Chinese seafood restaurant. It's normally frequented by Thai celebrities or families celebrating a very special occasion, or me, wandering in wearing shorts and T-Shirt and slurping on a juice box.

I went there specifically to try a highly extravagant soup that I'd read about called "Buddha Jumps Over The Wall". It is a very rich shark's fin soup that takes 2 full days to prepare and is normally only eaten at special occasions. It contains 20-30 different ingredients, mostly non-vegetarian, such as sharks fin, abalone, pork, dried scallops, sea cucumber, Jinhua ham and chicken. The soup is so named because it's so delicious and aromatic that it could entice the vegetarian monks to jump over the walls of their temple to get some :-)

The soup was super delicious but at a cost of 2100 Baht ($68USD) for the soup, a fruit platter and a Pepsi Max it was easily the most expensive lunch I've had in Thailand. I think that most Thai people could eat for a whole month off 2100 Baht. And, as amazingly delicious as the soup was, I left the restaurant still feeling hungry. 15 minutes after I left, I found myself sitting in Burger King nomming on a Triple Outlaw and a X-tra Long Chicken Club with Bacon burger. Omnomnomnomnom.

After my trip to Macau I look forward to enrolling in a Thai language school to improve my language skills. It's an insanely tough language to learn, but I am insanely smart, so it's no problem. Mai bpen rai.

At least when I am able to speak Thai fluently I won't feel guilty about laughing at Thai people who butcher the English language.

I found a site recently called French-Fried which is a blog for sharing funny Tinglish (Thai English). I'm sure I will be making contributions to it soon.

Even funnier than that site is a YouTube video I found of some English deviant in the filth ridden resort of Pattaya, in his cheap-and-nasty hotel room trying to teach the cheap-and-nasty toothless bar-girl he picked up some English.

For any of the Daleroxxu fanboys that live in London or are in town for the EPT, if you are free tomorrow (Sunday 2nd of October) then you may well want to take part in a little treasure hunt that PokerStars has set up. To win the EPT Quest, which will award one person with a free seat in the £300 + £30 ‘Win the Button’ side-event, you will first need to follow the clues given out by the @PokerStars Twitter account. Look out for tweets with the hashtag #EPTQuest to crack the code and turn up at the secret location.

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