Sunday, 14 February 2010

UKIPT Manchester

In this video blog I discuss the UKIPT Manchester main event

(apparently i look like patrick bateman from american phsycho)


  1. Tough break in the tourney mate. Try and make it to the side event, will make another good video post.

    Are you playing the $40, 1million tournament at Stars?

    Oh, and before you go to bed make sure you return those video tapes.

  2. Love it, how could someone not accept your the best? Shocking people like that might be out there amongst us.

  3. LOL ... was about to joke that you learnt that bragging at the start from your boy Nick and then I see his comment in here.

  4. Dale at work =>

  5. People always try to compare me to others or say that I'm trying to be like others.

    The truth is that I'm the best and if you don't believe it just ask your 16yr old sister.

  6. Lol you look like a weak ass porn star with that robe and slicked back hair. Where the ho's @? Anyways good luck out there.

  7. BTW go to Old Trafford for me 1x!

  8. Hey mate,

    Who was the donk sponsored by Titan, do you know his name?

    vul mate.

    Great video blogs, keep it up !