Tuesday, 11 June 2019

Breakfast in an ANCIENT fortress ruins. SIGIRIYA ROCK, Sri Lanka. 🇱🇰

Just like the cinema, a visit to an ancient fortress is even better if you bring some food with you.

I started the hike up to the top of Sigiriya Rock early in an attempt to beat the crowds but there were still plenty of other white faces there. At the summit I did manage to find a quiet spot to enjoy an incredible view and some peaceful tranquillity with my breakfast. That was until a stray dog decided to join me.

I stayed at Hotel Sigiriya which has a perfect view of Sigiriya Rock from its swimming pool.

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  1. Hey how long do you spend in srilanka?

    1. On this trip I was there for a week but then I came back a few weeks later.

  2. Hi, thanks all the videos of Sri Lanka, did you try 'milk rice with fish ambul thiyal' , 'pittu with coconut milk' or roast paan with coconut sambol & prawn curry' for breakfast?. It is worth to give a try,
    And also try to visit 'Meemure'. The road is difficult, but the beauty!!!
    Also pls visit Dunhinda waterfall & hot air balooning at Dambulla.

    Kusalana Buddhadasa
    A freindly local :)

    1. I tried the pittu but not the rest. Prawn curry doesn't seem like breakfast food to my western stomach but I'm willing to try it once haha.
      Thanks for the location tips. I've saved them for future trips.