Thursday, 30 May 2019

I took the DANGEROUS route. Hiking WORLD'S END trail in Horton Plains National Park, Sri Lanka. 🇱🇰

Sri Lanka has some beautiful countryside and amazing hiking trails. One of the most famous is World's End in the Horton Plains National Park which also features a scenic waterfall called Baker's Falls.

Unfortunately, because it's so well known, there were bound to be many other people hiking that day so I aimed to start the trail at 6am when the park first opened. I wanted to be the first to the main viewpoint which features a 870m drop.

At "Mini World's End', a smaller drop on the way to World's End there's a sign saying "DANGER" with a forward arrow and another saying "World's End" with a right arrow. I was curious so I took the path marked "DANGER". Where did it lead me?.

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  1. Hi Dale, writing to you in sunny Kirkcaldy!! Anymore Sri-Lanka travel vlogs?

  2. I am one of your utube followers and thanks to you I found out about "World's End" in Sri Lanka. You did the hard Yakka, all I did was sit back and see you all by yourself suffer walking through that dense shrub and uneven ground
    and get up to the top all to find clouds covering that supposed to be grand site beyond. I have come to conclusion that the view from "Thoppigala" was second to "Sigiriya".Keep up the good work.