Sunday, 6 May 2012

SCOOP 2012

The Spring Championship of Online Poker starts today and I'm pretty damn excited about it. 15 days, 40 events, 120 tournaments and $30,000,000 Guaranteed.

SCOOP is the tournament series for everyone, as there are low, medium and high buyins for every event.

Player of the Series

This year it is even more so 'everyone's tournament series' as there are separate leaderboards for each buyin level. In past years it was just one big leaderboard and anyone only playing low or medium events would not have had much of a chance at winning. Now there's a top prize of a 2013 PCA package on offer at each buyin level, plus hundreds of MicroMillions and WCOOP tickets.

I will mostly be playing Omaha events, as I think these will have the best value for me, but I will be taking some shots and the low buyins of games I'm not so familiar with such as Razz and Badugi. The low buyins and large fields make this a great time to experiment with 'other games'.

On The Rail

There is an official live chat for SCOOP fans, using the Home Games feature of the PokerStars software.

Signup instructions: Go to the Home Games tab in the PokerStars software lobby, click on "Join a club", put in the club ID (#634789) and the invitation code ("scoop2012").

You will be able to chat on the wall of that club. Whenever I or any of my Team Online/Pro colleagues are hosting final tables we will also be there, live chatting with you guys.

I am hosting the SCOOP-04 Badugi tourneys on May 8th and the SCOOP-17 10-Max Shootouts on May 17th.

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