Saturday, 3 December 2011

U Mad? PokerStars Chatbox LOLs

MelowYellow: psssh
MelowYellow: we got hosed by this limey wanker

salabala: LOL
salabala: this site can fkk my ***
salabala: wta joke

slymm: do me favour pro if u got nothign fn fold
slymm: hate fn pros that delibrate when they knwo theyre folding 2min before
King Mort: its cuz he's playing many more tables

Rovermeover: reward the brown noses
Rovermeover: up poker stars bums
sourlemur: keep whining, that often works
Rovermeover: i just laugh at the game of skill people keep spouting
sourlemur: and long as you keep laughing instead of thinking everything will be fine
Rovermeover: all these new canadians my arse
Rovermeover: all programed all rigged
sourlemur: can I ask seriously why you play here if you believe that??
Rovermeover: because it means i dont have to sit next to some smelly old bloke in a casino
sourlemur: why not spend it on hookers and blow instead?
sourlemur: i mean, this obviously isn't making you happy

alamoni: u have to admit your odds seem beeter causr of that little spade
Daleroxxu: sample size of 2 coinflips? quite the statistician

dutchpoker3: DLV´V
dutchpoker3: +´kvdfS+´
dutchpoker3: fwG´
dutchpoker3: P±VFDS
dutchpoker3: +f
dutchpoker3: fp
dutchpoker3: ´ffp
dutchpoker3: *few+
dutchpoker3: fv<
dutchpoker3: p´fewp´+
dutchpoker3: fewp´
dutchpoker3: kwfep´+
dutchpoker3: few´p+wfe+´mpfew+´KWe<*
Baedei: hes a donk
dutchpoker3: sick sick sick sick rigged cancer hooker sote
dutchpoker3: so cancer rigged as hellllllllll
dutchpoker3: kanker joden
Daleroxxu: first time ive seen a dutch guy go crazy in the chat without saying kanker to me
Daleroxxu: oh wait, he said it
dutchpoker3: lAL´MS´F+,F±f´Sd
dutchpoker3: ´fgDS+´,F´+a

Boateng: well played
Boateng: blubb blubb
GENGISKAN641: jajajajajaja

9MM4Y0U: lol
9MM4Y0U: fish xD
9MM4Y0U: seriously
9MM4Y0U: i dont understand how stars sponsors players like you
9MM4Y0U: so facking clueless lol
chess87: they just don't know better
chess87: most team pros have no clue
chess87: did u ever see donald play?
9MM4Y0U: lol nopew
9MM4Y0U: man its just too ridiculous
9MM4Y0U: i mean the guy is donking off on the 0,50/1
9MM4Y0U: pretending to be a 'pro'
9MM4Y0U: lmfao
9MM4Y0U: if he's a pro then im phil galfond

JoeIngram1: yesssss
benny1978: yessss
benny1978: better not to gloat no?
JoeIngram1: sorry u have never been excited in your life
JoeIngram1: takes alot of skill to get aces everytime i have a strong hand too, u r almost as good as daleroxxu
benny1978: a supernove elite getting excited by a 5o buck pot!
Daleroxxu: lol
JoeIngram1: i play for 28usd pot
JoeIngram1: 100usd make me **** hard
benny1978: fair enough
JoeIngram1: plus i hit ****ing quads lol
JoeIngram1: ur acting like i hit flush draw
benny1978: :)
JoeIngram1: when some girl suck your **** your probably like meh get off me, u dont get any job

DOOPAMAN: hey deleroxxu go play in heavy traffic
Daleroxxu: i live in bangkok, i do that every day
Daleroxxu: :) love you

faustballmax: arschloch
faustballmax: scheiss brite
Daleroxxu: sorry mate i don't speak german, no idea what youre saying'

WOOWELL: get some pubes dale

000_Aces_000: so hat ya spend ya fpps on?
Daleroxxu: whisky and girls
Pete Rose78: lol
000_Aces_000: gd idea

cabbageshark: ty
Daleroxxu: lol @ ty
cabbageshark: ez game
cabbageshark: any chance off a mention on twitter dale?
Daleroxxu: i already tweeted that some clown called cabbageshark beat me in a pot then typed ty
[OhotniK]ent: :D
Str8F!u$hBoy: hahaha
cabbageshark: lol

cemssen85.: who is Daleroxxu?
Tomfan666: he's a pokerstars pro i've never heard of ...
cemssen85.: Im a Millionare promoter in Germany
Daleroxxu: millionaires dont go round telling people they are millionaires

Dealer: A new game will start in 10 seconds
GotSteez?: LOL
GotSteez?: nice photo
GotSteez?: u still a virgin?

bOorg22: careful with daleroxxu
bOorg22: this is jokerstars

dhanesh192: ediot

Urrr Raise: u look bent

dinos622: daleeeee
dinos622: igneramis

Srganjova: mother****er daleroxxu
Srganjova: u think because ur from pstars u can bluff me?

smokerock247: zzzzzzzzzzz
Dealer: Regular time for player Daleroxxu has expired, TIME BANK has been activated
Drazhaar: 6 table^^
Daleroxxu: was taking a pee
smokerock247: in a piss bottle
Drazhaar: lol
Daleroxxu: no i went to the bathroom, im not an animal
smokerock247: i think u pissed urself cuz u saw me sit down
smokerock247: ;p

TheDieguinE: daleroxuu do you written a book of poker??
Daleroxxu: yes, daleroxxus guide to winning flips
TheDieguinE: you never lose in stars
TheDieguinE: you are a  pro

magicJoke656: lucky 9ay
magicJoke656: you really have a 9ay look

JoeIngram1: anohter excellent play by the champ
JoeIngram1: nh :)
Daleroxxu: thanks Joseph :)
00SKIP: lol
JoeIngram1: my mom asked me last night
JoeIngram1: who best plo50 guy u play with
JoeIngram1: i told him this guy dalerooxu
JoeIngram1: he kinda ugly but good player very advanced
Daleroxxu: my mum asked the same and I told her you
JoeIngram1: she google u
Daleroxxu: she said GTFO ss ratholers dont count
00SKIP: from uk not his fault on looks
JoeIngram1: said u ugly but probably good at poker

Sab-riveredu: what tourney did u luckbox to win

donttryit84: what means the heart?
Daleroxxu: i have the big heart
donttryit84: hehe

JD_AKAK: how did u get that spade on yr name daler
Daleroxxu: pwnin
JD_AKAK: what lol
douro200: i think he meant pownin
douro200: that spade is a poker star pro symbol
JD_AKAK: how do u get it tho
douro200: its like above supernova or whatever

rdmr: wp
rdmr: wonder how some people get red spades
rdmr: prob binking donkaments, what else

GotSteez?: you seriously gonna donk bet?
hhdr: hi my friend...
hhdr: I will play all your tables today...
GotSteez?: go ahead
GotSteez?: ill kill ur family
GotSteez?: tonight
GotSteez?: while u watch
hhdr: umad... oh yes
GotSteez?: not really
GotSteez?: u will be
GotSteez?: jsut wait

Smillie1: **** sake
Smillie1: oh u ****en piece of ****
Smillie1: ****en hell
chokkdee387: hahaha
Smillie1: wow
Smillie1: gross
win0815: puh,,,lucky
Smillie1: u reckon
Smillie1: **** sake
Smillie1: sticfk in ya ****
Smillie1: **** me
faustballmax: arschloch

JoeIngram1: dale u r so damn awkward bro
JoeIngram1: i meet u wsop next year and try to help you be more pro less noob
Daleroxxu: ty
JoeIngram1: i have bunch uk friends, they all pretty ugly and awk, prob std there
Daleroxxu: yes all bad teeth and weird accents
Daleroxxu: yet the american chicks love us
JoeIngram1: cool accent
JoeIngram1: yea american chicks love me to
JoeIngram1: keep tempting me i come there **** your girl
Daleroxxu: i live in thailand
JoeIngram1: i come **** your ladyboy there then
Daleroxxu: she is waiting
Daleroxxu: or he
Daleroxxu: dunno what is appropriate
JoeIngram1: i will **** him then he can **** me
Daleroxxu: ahaha

Mr_5LoW: pro bonus
Mr_5LoW: thats what i mean
Mr_5LoW: with pro bonus
Mr_5LoW: vry suspect

russ4u2001: d
russ4u2001: o
russ4u2001: n
russ4u2001: k
russ4u2001: pay
russ4u2001: the
russ4u2001: king
russ4u2001: donk
russ4u2001: not even english!
russ4u2001: u have air and fish it out
russ4u2001: *****
russ4u2001: breath
Daleroxxu: if you are going to be calling other people a donk then you need to buy in for more than 40 big blinds
russ4u2001: zzz
russ4u2001: a4
russ4u2001: fisher
russ4u2001: get ur rod out
russ4u2001: and go to the cananl
russ4u2001: canal
russ4u2001: call
russ4u2001:  call
russ4u2001: call
russ4u2001: get the pro
russ4u2001: there
russ4u2001: whats the point playing
russ4u2001: answer on post card
russ4u2001: not even cod
russ4u2001: FISH: a paraphyletic organism

JizzTrigger: Daleroxxu, t's your friend again
JizzTrigger: you kinda look like a teenager keanu reeves
JizzTrigger: enter the poker
JizzTrigger: starring dale

RaydeN08: dontsteal,ugly

Greekman21: fack jesus today
Greekman21: and ever y day
basje001: lol
basje001: nice call
basje001: :P
Greekman21: shut up or i fack you
Greekman21: your choice
basje001: oehh

RABBITO4LIFE: biggest low lives on the net
RABBITO4LIFE: that should be tought a hard lesson
RABBITO4LIFE: filthy wog
RABBITO4LIFE: dieeeeeeeeeeeee
Daleroxxu: please keep chat respectful
RABBITO4LIFE: dieeeeeeeeeeeeeee
RABBITO4LIFE: filthy wog
Moderator40 [Moderator]: Please remember to keep all chat clean, friendly and respectful at the tables.

Stirling38: gott limp to the red spad big blind
Daleroxxu: your limps are my antes
Stirling38: lol

Nacho737: nice flash draw
Nacho737: you idioy?
Nacho737: lucky GANDON
Daleroxxu: what is a GANDON?
Daleroxxu: is it the boss in Zelda?

Daleroxxu: BINK

hbtank: thats why daleroxxy have become a successfull pstarspro he never plays a fkin hand
hbtank: thats the key i guess
*that very hand I stack him with quads vs his garbage*
Daleroxxu: hey looks like i played a hand

sep2puku: hey dude, how come you got a red spade logo?
Daleroxxu: by being awesome
sep2puku: i knew it
Razzorca1: heehee
sep2puku: that's a nice pic of your BF
Daleroxxu: yes he is very handsome

NOOOOOOOOWAY: mmmmmmmmmmm
NOOOOOOOOWAY: how and why did u keep calling there u moron
mondo nutz: sorry about unrandom bs oooooo
NOOOOOOOOWAY: u had nothing all the way
mondo nutz: yah....y i called
mondo nutz: please complain to ps...cause site isn't random
mondo nutz: they won't take my emails anymore
NOOOOOOOOWAY: u are a shocking player are u sure u should be playing these limits
mondo nutz: im 4 for 4 in pretyping gut shot predictions while on the turn
mondo nutz: im still exploring for patterns
Daleroxxu: lol
mondo nutz: got a lot of the nlhe patterns down
NOOOOOOOOWAY: ur a idiot full stop
mondo nutz: if u think so....results talke though
NOOOOOOOOWAY: and i always lose to bad players like u
mondo nutz: 2
mondo nutz: y i changed
mondo nutz: cause they reward bad play to average winnings
mondo nutz: to double their profits....
NOOOOOOOOWAY: lol u still think that was the right call dont
mondo nutz: causing good players to play more often, and bad players to stick around
mondo nutz: i know it was absolutely the wrong call
mondo nutz: if the site was random
mondo nutz: or are u to dense to understand the words that i speak to you?
NOOOOOOOOWAY: lol u mug i dont know how ur playing at these stakes u should of lost ur cash along time ago playing like that
mondo nutz: no offense intended
mondo nutz: i started this site with 40$
mondo nutz: im over 35k
mondo nutz: however u want to enterpret that...
NOOOOOOOOWAY: lol thanks to the lucky middle pin rivers not even the pros get lucky as u
12cp: daleroxxu, where in UK are you?
NOOOOOOOOWAY: dorset ur up in the highlands right
NOOOOOOOOWAY: daleroxxu could u ask me that question please ive played u a few times on here
Daleroxxu: ive to ask you a question? :S
Daleroxxu: favorite colour?
NOOOOOOOOWAY: sorry im from dorset i did say

mondo nutz: bs site
orfenz: not really mate, i just out flopped you
mondo nutz: u where actually a poker stars favorite
mondo nutz: preflop
orfenz: just UL mate
mondo nutz: no just unrandom site
orfenz: ive been UL aswell. my stack has been up and down constantly
mondo nutz: im 4 for 4 in pretyping gut shotp predictions while on the turn
mondo nutz: they double their profits by averaging winnings
mondo nutz: im trying to learn the plo patterns
mondo nutz: i can spot the nlhe patterns easier
orfenz: ask daleroxx. he's a pro. if theres something wrong with the site i think he would know
mondo nutz: won a trny last night overcalling 2 all in's late game w ten hi
orfenz: wow. thats just really lucky i guess
mondo nutz: because i spotted it a non random
orfenz: dont believe you
Daleroxxu: if u have questions about fairnes please write to
mondo nutz: they won't take my emails i did my part
orfenz: are you sure mondo or hav you just been having a bad run? it happens to everybody
mondo nutz: bad run for 3 years
mondo nutz: in trnys 2
orfenz: lol stop joking mate
mondo nutz: im actually serious
Daleroxxu: do you think the moon landings didnt happen?
mondo nutz: not a conspiracy nut
mondo nutz: our country was founded on conspiracy agaoinst the crown though
orfenz: stop dude!! totally off topic
mondo nutz: but people don't think conspiracies for money and power happen though
mondo nutz: on topic of conspiracy
mondo nutz: of pokerstars
orfenz: thats what you think poker stars is...?
orfenz: a conspriacy?
mondo nutz: yah to double their profits
orfenz: yeah ok. i tired of hearing your pessimistic thoughts. Have a change of attitude. Might help with your so called 3 year bad run =]
mondo nutz: im a huge winning player...but not as much as should be
orfenz: me 2. i should be winning every hand im in regardless lol
mondo nutz: u should see my stats for non random situations
mondo nutz: non fixed i mean
mondo nutz: another horrible play rewarded
orfenz: just wasnt the flop you were looking for
orfenz: UL
mondo nutz: nothing to do with luck people
orfenz: should've checked.
orfenz: must of been obv that he had a flush draw
mondo nutz: just like the americans....blind
mondo nutz: we commit the worst crimes on the planet
orfenz: brb
mondo nutz: if people only knew
mondo nutz: i didn't vote for obama cause his brother is in the drug trade
orfenz: oh shu t it mate
mondo nutz: and he accepted kickbacks on his house that was investigated
orfenz: getting a bit o.t.t
mondo nutz: his campaign manager was convicted of fraud
mondo nutz: was just all in w/ At vs kt and i cringed
mondo nutz: knew i was doomed

orfenz: what did you have to do to become a pro?
FincaResalso: depends )))
orfenz: if have 10k bankroll do you become a pro?
orfenz: hey dale. are there certain conditions you have to meet?
Daleroxxu: marry the owners daughter
FincaResalso: bravo )))
FincaResalso: I'm too old (((
orfenz: =]

godie707: biitch}}poker satrs help you baastard

Speck ftw: ACE OF CLUBS
SzurtosPeti: áááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááááá
den hurtige: lo
Speck ftw: flash with clubs

T2011090057 No Limit Omaha H-L $200 + $15.txt
tiaaago: daleroxxu can you help me ?
Daleroxxu: what's wrong?
tiaaago: i acidentaly registered into this tournament !
Daleroxxu: sigh
Daleroxxu: the moderators are only for chat issues
tiaaago: what can i do daleroxxu help me please
Daleroxxu: contact support with URGENT in the title

MaltedMilk11 [observer]: Dale, how come you dont play MTTs?
Daleroxxu: coz i have a life
MaltedMilk11 [observer]: haha good lad

Chenaab: nice blog oxxu

somesoul: pwned red pro JAJAJAAA

viejasandra1: nooooooooooooooooooo
viejasandra1: what happend fuc.k site
viejasandra1: daleroxxuu beautifull you site

marcusjj4: pokerstars donk noob
Daleroxxu: nice insult, you're very smart
marcusjj4: thay call u a staar go play bingo
Daleroxxu: ok i will go play bingo
Daleroxxu: with your mama
Daleroxxu: :)
marcusjj4: i gonna report u bicous u talk aubout mij mom
Daleroxxu: ok tell them i said hi
marcusjj4: ugly ****

$weetN$a$$y: hey Date philip they should call u donk philip

Fishtripp: u pro??? riiight in my fkin ***
Fishtripp: just one fkin pathetic fatty who win one tournament
Daleroxxu: thats right
Daleroxxu: :) so good
Fishtripp: not a suprise rly
Fishtripp: 18 years old fatty *** who win one tournament and thinks he is the best in the wordl :D
Fishtripp: **** ur pathetic
Fishtripp: back to kindergaren fatty boy
Daleroxxu: do you kiss your mother with that mouth?

Emil Anton: fcking call from pro
Emil Anton: idiot
Daleroxxu: thanks for the feedback
Emil Anton: gay

-Elric Aro-: fff****ing ba
-Elric Aro-: bluffing against 2 players in omaha
Daleroxxu: wasnt a bluff DUCY?
-Elric Aro-: then what was it fff face? flushdraw and straightdraw on the board and you bet
-Elric Aro-: note made
Daleroxxu: keep making notes
-Elric Aro-: ugly is one of them

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