Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Team Online 2012

I'm thrilled to announce that I have agreed with PokerStars to represent Team Online through to the end of 2012.

In a year where many unscrupulous companies and individuals have fallen and dragged the name of online poker down with them, PokerStars has stood tall, providing a quality of service and a level of integrity that is unrivalled in the online poker industry.

I am proud to attach my name to the PokerStars brand. The combination of World's Best Poker Site and World's Best Blogger is a match made in heaven.

I really need to set some goals for 2012 but I'm too busy grinding my ass off trying to wrap up 2011 to even think about it. After losing a week due to illness I'm now at the point where I can't take a single day off for the rest of December if I'm to hit a VPP Milestone Cash Credit.

It's tough though as I still feel very weak and I'm constantly losing my focus during sessions. It's funny, the recent interview I did with Jesse 'OnTheMac' McKenzie I really wanted to do in one take so that I wouldn't have to spend time editing it. That plan didn't work out too well for me as my mind went completely blank about 5 times during our recording. Editing was required. If I can't even focus on a short conversation with someone then god help me trying to focus during long sessions of poker.

I'm just trying to soldier on for the rest of December and then I will take my foot of the gas and switch my focus to getting fit and healthy. I decided not to travel home to Scotland for the Christmas season. The thought of travelling there and back in a cramped economy seat at the cost of $1600 + 2 days of my life, and the effects of jet-lag twice, just didn't seem worth it.

Christmas and New Year is a time of the year that most people look forward to. A time for people to be merry, have fun and spend time with their families. Then January comes around and everyone is miserable again, the hangover month. For me it's the opposite. I'm just counting the days until it is January which will be a much more enjoyable month for me.

Here in Thailand Christmas seems to be quite low-key. It is a Buddhist country with a few Christians. There's some Christmas decorations up in mostly touristy places, but they went up only recently. Compare that to back home where as soon as Halloween is over every retail outlet is sticking up the tinsel and subjecting its patrons ears to 'I Saw Mummy Kissing Santa Claus'. Just awful.

On Sunday night there was a special $1,000,000 GTD Sunday Storm (yes, a million guaranteed for an $11 buyin tourney) as part of the The 10th Anniversary celebrations on PokerStars. There was also a 72 Billion hand promotion going on, with the 72 Billionth hand due to hit during the peak time of Sunday night. I remember checking the number of online players in the client and it was 400,000 (WHAT???????).

I also wanted to play EVhero's Sunday night home game around the time of the Sunday Storm, but the lobby wouldn't open up for me in the Home Games tab in the client. I kept clicking it out of frustration. I changed to a different tab, went back, clicked it, nothing, clicked it another few hundred times out of frustration, nothing.

So I was busy playing the Sunday Storm, some other tourneys and 14 tables of PLO, playing more tables than I normally would since the big 72,000,000,000 milestone hand was about to hit. About 30 minutes in to my session the lobby for EVhero's home game intrusively pops up from nowhere covering my tables. I noticed it was too late to register so I closed it. 5 minutes later it opened up again, what? So I closed it. A few minutes later, it popped up again. GET THE FUCK OOT EVHERO ARGHHHHHHH AKDOSFJG#$OTJ#$)TU@+)#UIT@#$))J. At that point I realised that the bastard thing was going to open up for as many times as I clicked it, which was an absolute shit-ton.

I thought that probably the only way to stop this from happening would be to restart the PokerStars client. The only problem was that I was playing tournaments, and I had some really soft cash game tables up and running. If I sit out, even for a few hands, my tables break up pretty damn quickly. No, it's not because I'm the fish, it's because most players are only playing so they can brag to their friends about how they bluffed Team Online superstar and World's Best Blogger Daleroxxu in a game of 4-card Hold Thems.

It was a solid 3 hours I had to put up with the lobby popping up over my tables, at an average of once every 5 minutes, until it stopped. Every time it happened I could see EVhero's stupid face in the top right of the lobby, grinning and sticking his tongue out at me like he knew what was happening. It's just as well I was having a winning session or I easily could have went on monkey tilt.

I'm guessing the massive number of players on the site at once was the problem. Fortunately there was no lag or any problems at all in the games, so that is the main thing. I still can't get my head around 400,000 people all playing on one poker site at the same time. Poker is HUGE.

The big promotion that is going on right now for the SNG players is the Battle of the Planets Promotion where not only are all leaderboard prizes doubled this week, but if you beat a target score you will win $10,000. This is a huge opportunity for micro stakes players. Even if you only have $30 in your account, you can play 20 $1.50 SNGs with a chance to win $10,000 if you run hot enough.

The final promotion of PokerStars 10th Anniversary will be the $10,000,000 guaranteed Sunday Million on December 18th with a guaranteed $2,000,000 prize for the winner. I have been saving up my rungood all year for this one, so good luck to you guys in finishing second.

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