Saturday, 26 November 2011

Running Like a 3-Legged Dog

I am back in Bangkok and back to running like a 3 legged dog at poker and life.

On Saturday night the Thais decided to poison me once again through their absolutely atrocious food hygiene. I ate somewhere just before they closed and now I am pretty sure that they reheated some shrimp that was already contaminated with super bacteria. The dirty, evil, bastards.

After 10 hours of what I will only describe as "hell" (trust me, you don't want a more accurate description) I called out a doctor who jabbed me in the ass with some needles and then sent me to hospital as I was extremely dehydrated and had a dangerously high body temperature.

It was scary for the first couple of days as despite all the fluids, antibiotics and fever reducing drugs constantly being fed into me intravenously I still felt like I was dying. They were constantly doing tests on me saying that they were worried about kidney failure as I hadn't pissed at all, until the fourth day when I was pissing like a race horse, 7 god damn litres. Thanks to that I was discharged on the fifth day.

I'm now back in my condo, feeling really weak and just not myself. My appetite hasn't returned at all. I used to get so much pleasure out of delicious food. Now any time I even think about food I wanna puke.

After being crippled by the medical bill I have to use my one time and hope my travel insurance pays out, which is far from a given. I've been reading through all the small print and there's lots of stuff in there they probably use to screw people out of money. The most worrying to me is that only the first 17 days of any trip is covered. I can't figure out if the fact that I visited Malaysia a couple of weeks ago and then came back to Bangkok makes this a "new trip" according to them.

Insurance is such a terrible -EV bet and even when you "win" they try to screw you out of it. It's like playing poker as the only fish at a table of sharks, who not only have a massive edge over you but scam and angle-shoot the crap out of you into the bargain.

It was probably a mistake to jump right back into playing poker but after losing so many days, and needing to hit my milestone before the year ends, I decided I couldn't waste any more time. I lost 9 buyins at PLO and 16 buyins at CAP NLHE. Basically just fuck my whole, entire, life.

I've started playing CAP recently and have lost 0.85BB/100 over 16,000 hands. The games seem to be completely filled with regulars with not many soft spots. I think because CAP is so simple to play that any competent reg can play a large number of tables, while the fish still only really play 1 or 2 tables at a time.

I'm not sure that the games are beatable before VIP club bonuses (although certainly beatable with VIP club) around the 0.50/1 - 1/2 level because of the toughness of the games and how much is raked. I'd guess they are beatable straight-up at lower stakes because of easier games and beatable at higher stakes (2/4 - 3/6 +) by a great player because less is raked proportionally.

Team PokerStars Online have released a short firm about Talonchick. If you haven't watched it yet then do it right now:

It's great to see someone being very successful though poker and still living a "normal" and healthy life. Apparently you CAN have your cake and eat it - Talonchick proves it!

The 10th Anniversary Promotion at PokerStars just keeps getting better and better. The latest promotion is 10 days of Ring Game VPP leaderboards, with a new leaderboard every day you can win up to an extra $3000 if you have with it takes to grind harder than anyone else. That's exactly what ultimate grinder, Team Online's WizardOfAhhs did a couple of days ago when he won the high leaderboard.

I'm looking forward to playing my part in breaking a world record on December 4th when the PokerStars World Record tournament takes place. With a buyin of only $1 and a guarantee of $250,000 it looks like the target has been set for 250,000 players. I still can't get my head around the thought of a quarter of a million people playing one poker tournament, it seems impossible. First prize is $50,000 and whoever manages to best such a massive field can more than say they deserve it. My money is on Bommel222.

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  1. In Phnom Penh, I set up a little stand for my laptop next to the shitter, but away from the asshose blast radius. Adaptation is the name of the game.