Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Same old shit dog, just a different day.

Here we go again..

Same old shit dog, just a different day.

Here we go again..

You know how playaz do, when we play, how we play

Here we go again..


I got back from New Zealand almost two weeks ago. Every day, or rather night, since then has been the same old shit. Wake up at Stupid O'Clock, play WCOOP tourneys the whole night, bust WCOOP tourneys before the bubble, go to sleep.

I was running 0 for 25 or so in SCOOP/WCOOP events this year but then finally got a cash in the WCOOP-13 PLO8 6-Max 1r1a which payed 72 players. Yes, I finished 72nd. But at least I broke my duck.

Unfortunately I haven't managed to cash in anything since then but have still been playing well. I've been running up some big stacks only to get clowned by some donkey-monkey-clown mutant hybrid of a being each time.

I'm just off the back of playing WCOOP-29 Knockout No-Limit Omaha Hi/Lo 6-Max (with antes), the tourney that I was most looking forward to playing, so I guess I will blog rant about how bad I ran in that. I was amongst the chip leaders most of the way through and had a super soft table full of weak-passive idiots and one Ukranian lagtard super-donk.

The super-donk took a huge chunk of my stack when he open raised 4x, a short stack shoved for 20x, I reshoved to isolate for 90x and super-donk called with A532ss. An atrocious call.

Hand History:

This is how his hand fares against mine:

Omaha Hi/Low 8-or-better: 500000 sampled boards
Ac 2c Kh Th187951302152175658221900394311435910.575
5c 2d Ah 3h936911756583021522219013004201435910.425

He's calling a huge shove where he has very little invested and my range is super strong, to get it in with 42% equity against my hand.

2 hands later I busted after UTG raised 2.25x, super-donk 3-bet to 6x and I 4-bet shoved for 38x with AK33ss. Super-donk called with the ATJ4ds and won. Sigh.

Hand History:

Omaha Hi/Low 8-or-better: 500000 sampled boards
Kc 3d Ah 3h194819242860254842229817373415300120640.544
Jc 4c Ad Td154643254842242860229851372117349120640.456

Each time I shove over him with what should be plenty of fold-equity AND the best hand, but he calls AND wins. Must be fucking nice.

I didn't even pick up a single bounty in the tournament. Several times I had them drawing dead to half the pot and on life support for the rest but the river gave them the medicine that they needed.

I'm planning on playing another 7-10 WCOOP events. I need to ship it crucial or I'm in a pretty bad spot. I haven't really been playing anything else other than bricking WCOOPs for the last 2 weeks and for the 2 weeks before that I was in New Zealand.

New Table Theme

There has been a very cool update to the PokerStars software recently as the new Nova table theme has been made available (although it's still considered to be in beta). This new theme has been created with the purpose of making multi-tabling easier.


PokerStars Black Theme 640x470

PokerStars Nova Theme 640x470

PokerStars Black Theme 483x361 (smallest size)

PokerStars Nova Theme 483x361 (smallest size)

As you can see, where it really makes a difference is on the very small tables. In the traditional themes the font is barely readable, you can hardly see the stack sizes or bet amounts. In the new Nova theme the font is large and readable no matter how small you size your tables

Unfortunately the new theme does not work with TableNinja.

The TableNinja support rep on twoplustwo, '8=~Fool~=8', said:

Each theme basically requires a new version of TableNinja. Its the most complicated and time consuming type of feature to add. We may add support for other themes in the future but we haven't currently announced any plans to do so.

It's likely very poorly designed software if it truly needs to be rewritten to support a new theme. TableNinja is all about making multi-tabling easier, the new Nova theme is all about making multi-tabling easier. It sucks that we can use both of them at the same time :(

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  1. Thats ridiculous from table ninja, how are players supposed to utilize the software when the most up-to-date feature isn't even supported..