Wednesday, 28 September 2011

[ ] Had a Great WCOOP

My WCOOP went:

[ ] great
[ ] swimmingly
[ ] average
[ ] bellow par

The runbad curse started on the first day of WCOOP when my laptop died and stayed with me for the duration. For the past 3 weeks I've been sitting here at stupid times of the night, surrounded by pizza boxes, using a shit PC with Windows XP connected to a 32" TV, taking atrocious beats for equity greater than my net worth to button-clicking donktards from countries that I've never heard of in my life.

I'm now trying to recover from the experience and get my life back to normal, starting with trying to get back onto a healthy sleep schedule. Since I can't stay awake for longer than 10 hours at a time it is proving mighty difficult. I have to leave Thailand in the next few days because I just got the 30-day visa exemption stamp when I returned from New Zealand. What a huge pain in the ass. In the near future I will be enrolling into a school for a full year and that has the benefit of allowing me to apply for a 1-year ED (education) Visa.

At least there was some awesome and exciting news recently. It came in the form of a forum post from PokerStars software guru Stefan:

"PokerStars is developing a fast moving ring games product. We expect it to be available for public beta testing in a few months."

Yes please! It's nice to have something to look forward to. Can I please have it in time for Christmas please Santa Stefan please?

If any of my blog-followers still aren't tweeting on twitter then you twats are missing out on a lot. Twitter brings the poker community together like no other medium can. A very funny trend that was started on twitter by @TheMicros recently was #WorstPokerNicknames

Highlights include:

Allen "Butter Knife" Kessler (by @reillygolfpro)
Barry "The Hood Rat of Poker" Greenstein (by @TheMicros)
Chris "Judas" Ferguson (by @jparellano27)
Daniel "Man Poker" Negreanu (by @eponymouspoker)
Gus "The Mun-Dane" Hansen (by @TheWiseLemur)
Layne 'High-Five Me Back' Flack (by @Daleroxxu)
Men The Masturbator (by @TheMicros)
Michelle "FTP Doug" Claiborne (by @Kevmath)
Mike 'The Moobs' Matusow (by @Daleroxxu)
Paul 'Inuit' Clark (by @Daleroxxu)
"Pensacola" John Cernuto (by @Kevmath)
Thomas 'Armadillo Skin' Preston (by @Daleroxxu)
Todd 'Worst Poker Nickname EVER' Brunson (by @Daleroxxu)
Vanessa 'dyslexicfuck' Selbst (by @Daleroxxu)

It can be quite a depressing experience to read the NVG section of TwoPlusTwo in recent times. It seems like every thread on the front page is about some shady site or scumbag player that has screwed people over. Somehow I was able to find some entertaining stuff in there, such as the epic photoshop lolz in the thread Ilari is a shark (prove inside).

Also, photoshop legend Eponymous has created a new poker comic strip called Mucking Aces featuring a superhero resembling Phil Ivey who has a weakness to Craptonite :)

And EmceeWhiteNoise is back with Da Pokerz! Rebuy a sequel to his hit poker rap song Da Pokerz!.

There are some sick lines such as "Listen Kathy Liebert is Arousing To Me, Girl show me your 'moneymaker' like 2003" and "Always trading girls like this here's the NASDAQ, So when I dump you, don't cry like Matt Affleck".


  1. wats the crack with the school thing? I've heard other grinders out here mention that? Is it a sch for learning Thai lingo?

  2. Yeah the best thing to do is join a language school.

    You have to report to the immigration office once every 3 months and they test you a little for basic Thai. To stop people just buying a course to get the Visa and no turning up to classes.

    Also, certain Muay Thai gyms can get you an ED Visa if you want to learn kickboxing for a year. Not sure if you will get tested on that one by immigration haha :)