Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Should I stay or should I go now?

This is my 16th day in Kuala Lumpur after quiting the failshow that was Tour of Cards to concentrate on playing online poker and doing whatever I want, whenever I want, wherever I want. Unfortunately the pokers still haven't been going too well. I've been running massively bellow all-in ev almost every session, and it's driving me insane. I have been getting in a lot more volume these last 2 weeks but it's still not enough. Maybe when I stop running like death I will be able to play longer sessions.

In addition to poker depressing the hell out of me, the 4-star ghetto hotel, that my fans may remember from the "Daleroxxu's Messy Hotel Room" video was making me completely miserable. Their crappy bed and desk chair gave me back ache, their pool was like a pond, and the "hot" breakfast food was always cold and so terrible that it was laughable.

So a week ago we went looking for a better hotel, and found a really nice 5-star hotel in the best possible location, with an awesome restaurant and large roof pool and garden. We visited the hotel before booking it, letting ourselves in to have a look around and check out the pool. Everything looked completely balla, and we were able to confirm with the staff their that their internet was free and broadband speed, so we went straight online and booked a room. It was such a huge advantage to be able to go visit the hotel in person rather than read the hotel reviews online that are written by a bunch of bogus shilltards.

This is the view from our window, of the Petronas Tours lit up at night.

I've really been enjoying my food since leaving Macau, where western food is non-existant. I'm staying just a short walk away from Hard Rock Cafe, my favourite restaurant chain in the world, and have been making the most of the close proximity by shipping a lot of meals there recently. Omnomnomnomnomnomnomnomnom.

I haven't been doing much tourist stuff here in KL, because I'm quite nocturnal, but during a rare spell of daytime awakeness I went back to visit the Bird Park again. The same place that loyal Daleroxxu fanboys will remember from my Malaysia and Singapore blog in January. I like being around birds and animals much more than around people, so it's a nice place for me to spend an afternoon.

I also managed to catch the Bird Show that they put on. It was a bit lame and for kids. LOL.

As everyone knows there was a major natural disaster in Japan on 11th March. I was supposed to be there, until the 12th of March! That was what was on my scheduled itinerary for Tour of Cards before I cancelled all my flights and just shipped it over to Malaysia. I guess I don't run so bad at life after all, sick fade!

The English fish Amatay Jones is shipping his English ass back to England in just a few hours time, because he misses the chavs, freezing cold weather and hugely inflated prices of his home country. Good luck with that son, send me a postcard, totally jealous so I am.

It's 3:20am just now and I still have this hotel paid for until 6pm this evening. After that I don't know if I want to stay in KL, or go somewhere else. I have made an effort to find a balla apartment here, but haven't found anything that meets my criteria so far. I'm kinda bored of KL to be honest so I might just fly to another city or another country tonight, hmmm. My immediate plan is to play poker for a few hours, ship the super amazing hotel breakfast buffet, sleep, then figure out what to do at the last possible moment!


  1. Hey,

    Can you recommend a hotel in KL? Around $100/night price range. The Prince Hotel looks good according to Trip Advisor, any thoughts?

  2. Traders or Prince, both are about $120-140/night inc tax, and super nice. Shangri-La is one of the best, usually slightly more expensive. Prices of all the hotels in KL seem to vary a lot day by day, so I guess just chose whatever is reasonable for your dates.

  3. If you complain, maybe youll get an upgrade?
    Just a thought.
    Going to add you to my blog, nice blog !!!