Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Batu Caves and Running Awful

I'm still living in the same hotel room in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, that I have been for the last 9 days. At last I've seen daylight though, after so many long sleeps day after day I've ended up waking up so late that I'm actually "waking up early" (4:20 am this morning).

The pokers are pretty quiet during the daytime in Asia so I decided to spend some time away from the computer, and went to visit the famous Batu Caves which are a huge Hindu shrine full of monkeys. Obviously I just take videos of things that I do so that I don't have to write about them, so here you go:

On Monday evening I hosted the Final Table of the Sunday Million 5th Anniversary Special, where there was nearly 4 and a half million dollars still in play. Somehow I was able to control my jealousy at the 9 players who had ran a $215 buyin up to six figures in cash, and had a lot of fun with the hosting.

I've since recieved many compliments on twitter and from players in my games on my final table commentary. Thanks, it means a lot, I was glad to bring some personality and entertainment to the occasion. This is the reason that PokerStars has their pros host the final tables of big events rather than an anonymous support person.

In other news I am running like the devil at online poker. After bricking the Sunday Million, a session of 60 SNGs where I lost 17 buyins, and dropping 19 buyins (23 buyins bellow ev) at PLO I was faced with having to drop down from the already low micro donks stakes I'm being forced to play right now. Fortunately for me I have good friends backing me up. Out of the blue I received a $2000 transfer from my friend Nick, telling me to use it to pad my bankroll until I felt comfortable.

Since my former 'career', and now 'very expensive fucking hobby' as a poker player is going completely tits up I have had to start thinking about my future and of ways to start earning some money again. Fortunately when you are as famous as me, opportunities are never far away, and several companies here in Malaysia have been fighting over me to be the face of their brand. My agent, from elite agency Joker Royally, has negotiated for me two lucrative sponsorship deals.


  1. Poor Channing was attacked by birds when she was 6 waiting for the school bus and has had a fear of birds ever since. If we could get her near those pigeons it would be a 10 million you tube sensation.

    GLGL at the tables

  2. Hi Dale. Thanks for the blog post. I realise what you are saying about the pokerstars mods. It was mainly the sublect topic that had me angry. I emailed support and got it all irioned out. Gud luck on the tables