Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Aussie Millions 7-Event Package (Selling Shares)

I'm selling some action for a package of 7 super soft donkaments at the 2011 Aussie Millions.

16/01/11 4:15pm    Event 2  PokerPro No Limit Holdem Shootout           $550
17/01/11 12:30pm   Event 3  Pot Limit Omaha (2 Day Event)               $1,100
18/01/11 12:30pm   Event 4  No Limit Holdem Shootout (2 Day Event)      $1,100
20/01/11 12.30pm   Event 6  No Limit Holdem - 6 Handed (2 Day Event)    $1,100
25/01/11 12.30pm   Event 9  Aussie Millions Main Event - Day 1c         $10,600
29/01/11 12.45pm   Event 19 No Limit Holdem (Bounties) Day 1            $1,650
30/01/11 12.45pm   Event 20 Turbo No Limit Holdem                       $1,100

*SOLD OUT* all details in the twoplustwo thread


  1. alright Dale

    hows it going mate.
    could you do me a favour and have a read of my latest blog post and my plan/calculations for the pokerstars.Fr site.
    I know yr a pokerstars pro now and will have a better insight, maybe i have overlooked something?

    cheers mate, would be appreciated

  2. Do I look like your secretary or something?

  3. Good luck at the Aussie Millions mate, wish i was off there that's for sure.

  4. Hi there,

    I'm from Portugal, and i'm a huge fan of Pokerstars Team Pro. André Coimbra rules!

    Btw, i will make a private tourney on Sunday to cellebrate my first year in poker.

    I would like to ask if you want to join me, Andre Coimbra and Nuno Coelho?

    Best Regards and Merry X-mas,

    Tourney ID: 344780014
    Pass: poker1ano

    Leonel "lgameiro" Gameiro