Friday, 26 November 2010

Heads Up Match vs Coach Travis

Apparently all the railtards out there have been watching some heads up match between some guys, duhhhh and junglegirl or something like that, to keep themselves occupied until the real big heads up match begins involving award winning blogger Daleroxxu.

Well the date has been set, Sunday 28th November 2010, 8pm UK time (3pm eastern hillbilly time). Put it in your diaries because that is the date that will see the Kentucky blowhard known as "Coach Travis" get his ass handed to him on a plate.

He called online poker players weak, he made fun of Scotland and worst of all he disrespected my blog. So it will be sweet justice when this Scottish online poker player kicks his clown ass hard and live, here on The Best Poker Blog In The World ™.

I will play 3 heads up matches versus the coach. Best 2 out of 3. In the unlikely event that he wins I will transfer $50 into his PokerStars account. This may not seem like a large amount to most people in the developed world but $50 goes a long way in Kentucky.

When I win, not only must he make a video apologising to me and acknowledging the greatness of online poker, Scotland and Daleroxxu's Blogament as previously agreed, but his buddies at Geeks on Poker (some radio show where a bunch of geeks talk about poker) challenged him that if he loses to me he has to play in the upcoming Kentucky Poker Championship wearing a kilt. LOL!

I will try to set up a live stream and chat on my blog for sunday night but here are the Tourney ID's if you want to rail. CTRL-T in the stars client and paste the number in.

335097353 - Stud H/L Limit
335097830 - Omaha H/L Pot Limit
335098266 - HORSE

Also on Sunday 8:30pm UK time is the PokerStars Turbo Takedown which costs only 3000 FPPs to enter and has a $1,000,000 prizepool. First prize is $60,000 and an Audi TT and there's $100 bounties for knocking out a Team PokerStars player. Some real nice value right there.


  1. C'mon Scotland, what are the odds of there being Kentucky disconnection issues on Sunday?

  2. hope you play the flower of Scotland in the back ground. gl bro

  3. USA USA USA!! ..(j.k.) rooting for you

    I'll be railing

  4. Nice K7os runner runner flush to come back in HORSE.
    Considering our only purpose was to get Coach Travis on Televsion in a fat guy tilt it worked.
    Thanks for being a good sport Dale.

  5. Dear God I hope I look better in a kilt than your pathetic photoshop attempts. I kept putting you on the ropes, screaming "why won't you die", but I guess you're like a to survive a nuclear strike...grrrr!!! Enjoy your suck out to success game sure wouldn't work in a live game...guess I got a video to start working on....DAMN!