Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Going to the City of Angels (NAPT Los Angeles)

Recently I woke up as I normally do, just lying there in my insanely comfy memory foam bed, not knowing what day or time it was due to the lack of alarm clock and awesome blackout blinds on the windows. When I eventually dragged myself out of bed, all bleary eyed and hair looking like a cross between Alex Jacobs and Russel Brand, I sat down at my computer and seen that it was 7:30pm Sunday night.

I was mildly pissed off because I missed the registration for the weekly Twitter League tournament that starts 7pm UK time every Sunday. I enjoy playing that because I get to battle against other twittering (tweeting?, whatever) poker players that I recognize from the Twitter community, and the one dollah buyin is so insignificant that I can either just go on a rampage trying to bluff and show 72o to guys or get a whole bunch of last longer bets going. Either way, it's always some great entertainment to start off the day while I eat my 7pm breakfast.

Fortunately there was another community organized tournament starting in half an hour, the PokerStars NAPT Satellite for Pokercast Listeners. This was a winner-take-all 176 player freeroll tournament with deep stacks that was organised by the TwoPlusTwo Pokercast along with their sponsor, the PokerStars VIP Club, to give a package to NAPT Los Angeles to one of their loyal listeners.

Qualifying for this thing wasn't easy. I had to win the 6-max holdem event in the Pokercast Summer League to get my ticket. Well, it just seemed like a slightly better way to get a ticket than tattooing POKERCAST to my bicep.

After figuring out wtf to do with 250bbs I got in a good rythm of stealing chips from nits until I was heads up with JimmyLegs. I had an over 3/1 chiplead and was feeling super confident but I just couldn't bring myself to be ruthless. We had played 8 hours, this was a community event and JimmyLegs is a good contributor to that community (rather than some random Russian guy). So the first hand of heads up I told him I'd give him a deal. I didn't try to lowball him or negotiate or anything, I just straight up offered him a piece of me in the NAPT event equal to his exact chip percentage (22.7%). So we did the deal and had a bit of extra fun flipping / racing our cards a few times to end the tournament on a high note.

I'm also giving 5% of my action as a freeroll to the Pokercast crew who will be there sweating me while they record a live show from the event. So I'm now busy trying to buy up 27.7% of other good player's action so that I have a whole buyin's worth of action riding on the event. I already took 10% of Nick Rainey who will be there playing and has kindly offered to show me around LA and it's surroundings, as it's my first time there.

I have booked flights to Los Angeles, where I will be staying at the awesome Millennium Biltmore Hotel from November 10th til 18th. I was able to get flights with only a 1 hour stop-over in london so the whole journey will only take 13.5 hours. Unfortunately I couldn't find the tight-fisted Scottish nit inside me to buy economy tickets for this journey. I will probably have to find that nit inside me before I start touring the world in January though if I'm to keep costs under 6-figures.

I'm also planning to play the first leg of the new UKIPT season in Galway, Ireland in December. I pretty much bubbled this event last year when it was a €2K event but had a lot of fun there hanging out with Vers, Cardlo69 and James Atkin, and also got to play and chat a lot with Teddy Sheringham and his insanely gorgeous and young girlfriend <3.


  1. I'll be first to say I got a damn good feeling about this one mate. Regardless of the overall outcome I railed a few of your WCOOPs and given this recent win I really think your "in the zone" at the moment and playing fantastically. Some of the shit I've seen you go out too you truly deserve a big win, hopefully this will be it.

    Play your best and stay focused. Really hope you take this one down, Dale.

    Best of luck and I look forward to following many twitter updates. Enjoy LA


  2. "while I eat my 7pm breakfast" - Standard

    also: "come home from a drunken jolly one Saturday night then proceeded to spunk off your bankroll at the PLO tables" yeah this sounds very familiar...

  3. Memory foam beds FTW my friend! Problem is they are a bitch to get out of because you simply don't want to leave them!

  4. Congrats on the ship mate, sick prize, have a good time in LA!

    Thanks for the mention, I might have to join you again in Galway!

  5. Sure thing James would be awesome to see you in Galway again this year. Lets hope the Radisson has better food and the PokerStars free bar lasts longer than 8pm this year tho haha.

    Would be pretty cool if we could do a joint video blog from the event and co-host on both our blogs.

    (yeah I know I'm full of amazing ideas, ty ty)

  6. Lucksack going to Los Angies!! Have a good one, you run so gooot.