Monday, 16 August 2010

Video Highlights of the Epic Hyper Shoveament

The poker tournament of the year was held tonight and you can see video highlights right here. No, I'm not talking about the WSOP main event, I'm talking about Daleroxxu's Hyper Turbo No Limit Omaha Hi/Lo Shoveament Freeroll of course. Not only was there much more thrilling action in my tournament but you won't have to listen to Normal Chad telling some garbage ex-wife jokes while watching the highlights.

Thanks to everyone who signed up at short notice and thanks to Steve and The PokerStars VIP Club for setting it up and adding to the prizepool, also at short notice. That was pretty awesome!

Everyone who played seemed to have enjoyed themselves thoroughly playing this so I think it's about time we saw some Hyper Turbo 45man SNGs running regularly on PokerStars. Not only NLHE but NLO and NLO H/L too (pot limit doesn't work in SNGs, not hard to figure out why). I believe these action filled games would be extremely popular with both recreational and pro players.

From the recreational players point of view, the chance to play and win a multi-table tournament in 15-20 minutes is very appealing, especially for those with busy lifes. From a pro player's perspective, the ability to play an insane volume of games while still having a good edge over the field is a no brainer.

If you agree please write a quick message to from your stars registered email stating your support for Hyper Turbo Multi Table SNGs.

Sample email for lazy bastard poker players:

Dear Pokerstars

I would love nothing more than for you to start spreading Hyper Turbo 45man SNGs on your poker site. These games would encompass all the speed, fun and action that I look for in playing online poker, and I'm sure many of your customers would feel the same way.

Lazy Bastard Poker Player


  1. As a true Daleroxxu Fanboy senior member, I just couldn't cash in my Daleroxxu Blog Appreciation Golden Ticket and I shall have to keep it until PokerStars starts these tournaments on a regular basis :)

  2. I couldn't resist, my time schedule was fucked becuase I was in America, otherwise would have played

    Video was actually better than 90% of shite you submit


  3. Yours
    Brother of lazy bastard poker player


  4. agree hypers would be v v good....but stars take years before they listen to what customers want.