Thursday, 5 August 2010

Interview with TheLipoFund - Poker Pro and World Traveler

Video interview with Marty 'The Lipo Fund' Mathis (TheLipoFund on Stars and WISHIGOTFPPS on ftp).

In the interview Marty tells us how he built a roll up from nothing and has been traveling the world, meeting tons of other poker player and having fun.

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  1. And I was like woah
    And he was like woah
    And I was like woah
    And he was like woah

  2. This one time at band camp :)

    I only got to 4/8 and quit.....bit like how I feel about poker sometimes haha

  3. holy shit that was long lol. watched the whole thing.
    marty when are you coming back down for more sushi?