Monday, 9 August 2010

100,000 Hits Celebration - Hyper Freeroll Fun

As the new version of my blog is about to reach 100,000 hits, it is time for a celebration.

This Sunday PokerStars will be home to the "Daleroxxu's NLO H/L Hyper Shoveament Freeroll". A No Limit Omaha Hi/Lo tournament with very shallow stacks and extremely fast blind increases. The winner walks away with the $100 prize, with runners up prizes of $30 and $20 provided courtesy of The Pokerstars VIP Club.

And a bounty on Daleroxxu - A ticket for the Sunday quarter million.
(If multiple people bust me, bounty will be awarded to the player with the most chips at the start of the hand, if equal - then decided by who lasts longest in the tournament)

The tournament takes place on PokerStars this Sunday, 15th August. 3pm Eastern, 8pm British. Tourney ID: 299717523

To sign up for this event you need to be following my blog on at least 2 of the 3 following ways: Twitter , Facebook or youtube.
(Subscribe to Daleroxxu on Youtube, Follow @Daleroxxu on twitter and either click "like" on any of the facebook icons on this page or via the new Daleroxxu's Blogaments facebook page.

Blog comment, facebook comment, youtube message or tweet at me to let me know your Twitter/FB/Youtube usernames, plus your PokerStars ID and you will be credited with a ticket before the event starts.
Final date to do this is Friday morning (13th August 6am ET / 11am UK time). No exceptions. You must make sure to type your PokerStars ID exactly, with the correct case.

Lets gogogo.


  1. Silly monkey. Steel wheel. Pfffft. I ran into a steel wheel once, lost the minimum, 'cos I'm so baller.

  2. omg omg omg hahaha awesome

    Cant wait for some H/L flippaments

    I been playing alot of PLO H/L so should pay off ;)

  3. jakattackuk (twitter)
    jack scott (fb)

    Pokerstars id J.Dubplate

    Celebration for dale, well done fella keep the blogging up

  4. Mat what's your stars ID again? (I'll remember as soon as you tell me)

  5. woodiejr
    on everything I think. should be fun.

  6. It's gonna be a good time
    Pokerstars ID: dirk_diggity

  7. bounty on your head should be a sunday MILLION ticket, imo! and I love last longer bets with you.. a little side action?? :D

  8. im not doing a last longer with you ZomB coz this is a shoveament and you like to fold until you have 2 big blinds like your hero Phil Hellmuth Jr

  9. Well throw me a ticket and feel free to put a bounty on my head too :P .. just got 10th in a $5k GTD, and my 3rd Royal Flush of the year ;) (See FP for the pic!)
    zombparadox on pokerstars.

  10. I agree with Wook/Zomb... Sunday Mill, not 1/4 mill :) Come on Dale, I know u from the WBCOOP and been following ya here and twitter since :)

    Should be a fun game.
    cparsley (PokerStars) hehe

  11. twitter = JamesDaBear
    Youtube =
    PokerStars = JamesDaBear

  12. Sorry Dale,I read & commented on this blog really tired.On a lifeguard course for the whole of the week and I was/am pretty zapped :(


  13. twitter @ei8htyei8ht
    facebook Giovanni Pellegrini
    PokerStars ei8hty ei8ht
    youtube VEILofA1000Thoughts

    see I'm a massive Daleroxxu fanboy :D

  14. twitter: Kamratvass
    Pokerstars: Kamratvass

  15. facebook:tobijon