Monday, 7 December 2009

Interview with Nick 'MI_Turtle' Rainey

Tonight I interviewed MI_Turtle, known in real life as Nick Rainey.
Nick is a pro poker player specialising in MTT-SNGs and MTTs, and he used to be a professional tennis player and coach.

We discussed:

His current amazing form in MTTs on PokerStars.
Winning the monthly and weekly tournament leaderboards.
Spending 2 years of his life as the assistant to Patrik Antonius and Andrew 'Good2cu' Robl.
Why "TV Pros" are a bunch of jokers.
His November TLB prop bet versus EeeTeeKid 
How he views internet forums and the haters.
Shot taking / tilt.
Blogging about poker.
Coaching poker.

The interview is available right now as a downloadble MP3 podcast.


  1. getting an error with the link mate :(

    can u try again pls

  2. Yeah i wasn't expecting quite so many hits on it, by 4 hours it already had too many downloads.

    I'm re-hosting it now.

  3. Hey daleroxxu, that really was an interesting interview, I seriously learned a lot of stuff. Its great to hear a guy talk about how he aint the greatest player but he will outwork anyone. Keep those interviews going.

  4. Great stuff Dale. Really enjoying all these interviews. Would be nice to see some other content up here too about how you're getting on..

  5. Excellent interview, thanks for taking the time its much appreciated.

  6. I could listen to this guy forever, if anyone hasn't heard his interview on mediocre poker radio check it out.